Israeli Weed Stock Begins Trading in Canada and US

I see a hot new cannabis stock IPO that weed stock investors need to know about.

Israel is considered the cannabis research capital of the world. Israeli scientists began studying cannabis back in the 1960’s.

In 1973 Israel become one of the first countries in the world to legalize medical cannabis.

Israel reformed its medical cannabis industry in 2016 and today – the industry is seeing record demand.

Israel has more than 50,000 medical cannabis patients with thousands more waiting to get a permit.

This surge in demand is creating cannabis shortages.Here are some more details from

“On the supply side, suppliers are now required to meet good manufacturing practices for growing, processing and supplying the product, set by the Health Ministry. Meanwhile, users complain of a shortage of medical marijuana, which Afek said was due to the fact that not all of these veteran suppliers have met the new GMP standard.

Shortages Emerge as Israel Tames Its Wild, Wild Weed Market

This shortage is creating a great opportunity for a promising young cannabis stock headquartered in Israel.

Isracann Biosciences (CSE: IPOT) is a direct play on the Israeli medical cannabis market.

Isracann owns three cannabis cultivation permits and facilities in Israel totaling 580,000 square feet.

235,000 square feet is fully funded and producing medical cannabis – with first cannabis deliveries expected in the fourth quarter. Isracann will be looking to sell into the Israeli medical cannabis market.

*Image from Isracann

Here’s the Isracann plan moving forward.

Secure additional funding.
Quickly develop additional cultivation.
Ramp production and distribution in Israel.
Expand into Europe.

Israel become one of the first countries in the world to legalize cannabis exports in early 2019. This is creating a great opportunity for Isracann in Europe. Many European countries are implementing medical cannabis programs. However, in many of these countries its still illegal to grow cannabis. It will take years before European countries like Germany, Italy and France can grow their own medical cannabis. In the meantime – Isracann is looking to fill the gap and be a major supplier.

*Image from Isracann

Why Now? Shares Just Began Trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange

Isracann shares just began trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol IPOT.

Volume is great – millions of shares have traded hands in the last few days.

Shares also trade in the US OTC markets under the ticker symbol ATLED. I see a lot less liquidity here.

If you have the option go for the Canadian ticker.

Shares are mostly even since trading began. This is an undercover weed stock – a lot of investors don’t know about this stock yet.

*Chart from Canadian Securities Exchange

The Big Picture on Isracann

Keep an eye on Isracann. Its a direct play on the high-growth Israeli medical cannabis market. I’ll be back in a few weeks with another update – in the meantime let’s look for a big bounce in cannabis stocks in the fourth quarter.

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