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Canopy Jumps 50% in 4 Weeks – New Rally Here?

It’s been a tough year for cannabis stocks. However I am seeing some important signals that tell me the worst is over and that cannabis stocks are ready to resume the long-term trend higher in 2020.

Is Joe Biden Good for US Weed Stocks?

Joe Biden spooked the cannabis market last week. He called cannabis a gateway drug and said he needs to see more research before legalizing. Biden has walked those comments back – however – his comments left a lot of investors asking –
Is Joe Biden good for bad for weed stocks?

Is Liz Warren Good for US Weed Stocks?

Elizabeth Warren would be great for the US weed industry, she is one of the most pro cannabis politicians in the US. The senator from Massachusetts currently boasts an ‘A’ record from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

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