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Canopy Jumps 50% in 4 Weeks – New Rally Here?

It’s been a tough year for cannabis stocks. However I am seeing some important signals that tell me the worst is over and that cannabis stocks are ready to resume the long-term trend higher in 2020.

4 Charts that Tell me Canopy Will Rally At Least 50% in 3 Months

Canopy is down 60% from the 52-week high and shareholders are feeling the pain. However, I see four bullish signals on the chart that tells me shares are overdue for a big rebound.

Weed Stocks Down 21% in 2019: Rebound in the 4th Quarter?

Weed stocks had a tough third quarter, falling into one of the longest and deepest bear markets ever. However, despite the weakness, I am expecting a rebound in the fourth quarter with a string of good news set to hit the industry.

Canopy Down 50% from 52-Week High – Buy, Sell or Hold?

Cannabis stocks are stuck in a bear market, down about 50% from the 52-week high. Here’s the good news – bear markets have historically triggered huge rallies and I see four short-term catalysts.

Canopy Jumps 14% in 4 Days – New Rally or Head Fake?

The cannabis sector has been stuck in a bear market for the last few months. But now – the sector is flashing some early signs that the sell off could be over and the sector is ready for a rebound and new rally.

Cannabis Sector down 50% from 52-Week High – Don’t Panic

The cannabis sector continues to struggle in a bear market after Canopy Growth Corp (WEED, CGC), the largest cannabis company in the world, reported disappointing second quarter results after the bell yesterday. Today I am going to provide a sector update and share my outlook for the next few weeks.

Cannabis Sector up 12% in 2019 – What’s Next?

Cannabis stocks got off to a blazing start to 2019 – trading deep into the green early in the year. But the sector has been weak for the last few months, falling into a bear market. Today I am going to provide an update on what has been going on and what to expect in the second half of the year.

Canopy Growth Corp (WEED, CGC) Most Oversold in 4 Years – Time to Buy?

The cannabis sector has had a very tough three months. However – this string of weakness has created one of the best opportunities in the last four years. Today I am going to explain what is happening – and show you a chart pattern that has led to enormous gains in the last few years.

Cannabis Sector up 25% in 2019 – Here’s What’s Next

The cannabis sector suffered a very tough bear market in the fourth quarter of 2018. The cannabis sector became over sold – and it ended up creating a great buying opportunity and a sharp rebound in the first quarter of 2019. Looking forward I am optimistic on cannabis stocks. June and the second half of the year have been seasonally strong periods for the cannabis sector.

Global Cannabis Beverages Market Projected to Grow 16% Per Year Until 2025 – 5 Cannabis Stocks Ready to Soar

Just like the cannabis edibles market, the cannabis drinkables market is also expected to explode in the next four years and today I am going to reveal five cannabis drinkables stocks that are ready to cash in.

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