We Manage Cannabis Stocks for our Clients and Keep Them in the Loop with a Mobile App

Our 9 Step Portfolio Makeover Will Help You Invest In Cannabis Faster And Smarter

We will review all of your current assets and allocations.

If you're like most of our clients, it's likely you have multiple investment accounts. For example, a 401K, an IRA and a joint or individual brokerage account. We take a comprehensive view of all your investments when creating your customized cannabis portfolio.

And Identify Areas for Improvement.

We use a combination of technology and good old-fashioned listening to figure out what’s going on with your current portfolio and learn about your personal financial goals.

Create a customized portfolio and financial plan for you.

After we have completed our analysis, we build you a customized cannabis portfolio that will help you achieve your financial goals smarter and faster.

Select a platform that is perfect for you.

We have partnered with one of the most respected online brokers in the industry - Interactive Brokers - providing a highly secured, cost-effective platform for your account. With our easy online enrollment, we open new accounts for our clients in less than five minutes.

Transfer your existing assets into your new Vodicka Group accounts.

After your new account has been opened, we masterfully manage the transfer of your capital into the new accounts. This is a process that requires skill and expertise in order to avoid unwanted taxable events, fees, and latency. Once your capital is transferred, we get busy buying a diversified basket of cannabis stocks for you.

We monitor your portfolio every step of the way and periodically rebalance.

While you enjoy the security of your new cannabis investments, your portfolio is being closely monitored. Your personal investment advisor with the assistance of cutting-edge software tracks your portfolio daily. If your portfolio deviates too far from target allocations too quickly we will periodically rebalance your holdings.

Check your account any time from anywhere.

You will enjoy a highly transparent investment experience You can access your account any time from any kind of device - including desktop, tablet, and our mobile app. Our team of dedicated advisors will notify you of any major changes in your portfolio with periodic check-ins. We publish weekly newsletters that keep our clients in the loop on their investments, current market events and new opportunities.

Your annual big-picture checkup keeps you on track.

Once a year we schedule a live meeting for a big picture review of your cannabis investments. We want to know if anything has changed, for example, your job, your income or your long-term goals. We then make adjustments based on the updated outlook that keeps you on track.

Now you can kick back, relax and watch your investments grow.

Our strategies have a proven history of helping our clients achieve their financial goals faster and smarter. We work hard on behalf of your account so you can focus on your own job and personal life. That means you can sit back, relax and be confident that you have a true partner working in your corner.

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